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Vocal for Adults


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All vocal lessons include warmup exercises to improve breath control, voice production, vocal range and pitching. With our vocal pop lessons – using correct techniques, vocal range is widened and never sound off pitch. Vocal teacher will use piano to sing each sentence of the song, correct the student how it should be sung, and show the different techniques for the song. With the best ever pop vocal lessons in Singapore - a song is completely learnt by singing, using a computerized karaoke system. If you seek for the best vocal lessons for adults in Singapore, look no further, as we make it happen here!

Individual: $320 /4 lessons -> 1 hour per session
Individual: $280/ 4 lessons -> 45 mins per session
Group: $180/ 4 lessons -> 2 hours (duration depends on size)

Individual class / small group of 2 to 4 / big group up to 10 students

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Price : Free

Difficulty : Expert

Location : Headquarter