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With the best guitar lessons in Singapore – we offer guitar courses that take about 6 months, from ‘zero’ knowledge to be able to strum and sing perfectly. And with the best guitar for beginners - students will learn the posture and right way of holding guitar. For those who learn to play guitar online but do not understand what is taught, our teacher will teach you and help you get it perfectly right.

At advanced stage, students can choose their favourite song to learn playing introduction, interlude, and ending the song in original key while their favourite singer sings.

Individual: $280 /4 lessons -> 1 hour per session
Individual: $240 /4 lessons -> 45 mins per session
Group: $150/ 4 lessons -> 1 hour (duration depends on size)

Individual/ group lesson available

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Price : Free

Difficulty : Piano (ABRSM Exam)

Location : School Branch