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Piano (ABRSM Exam)

Piano lessons are popular choice for students of all ages and all levels. Children as young as 4 are ready to start …

Junior Music Class

As children have a shorter attention span, we have design the syllable to help children to a fun and nurturing steps to …


Besides the traditional way which is the note notation, we also teach students numeric notatations with chords. So in …

Vocal for Adults

All vocal lessons include warmup exercises to improve breath control, voice production,vocal range and pitching …


Teachers teach all ages and skill levels from beginners to experienced players who want to bring their performance …


Come, pick up the fun and portable course. It is available from 4 years old & up. Each lesson is tailored to the …

  • Review


    I always thought singing was easy until I met Grace! For the past 2 years, she did not only teach me how to properly project my voice using dantian instead of throat, she also taught me how to be more confident in expressing myself, be it in singing or in my daily life! If you are looking to learn singing, don’t hesitate to join now!

  • Review


    老师对我来说是一个很特别的老师。她一直都很注重基本功。别的老师一开始都让学生直接唱歌,老师却要我们先好好开声,调好了音准,才去学怎样拿捏歌的韵味。这样学歌让我感觉到自己一直再进步,每一首歌学到的唱腔也可以运用在另一首歌里。Music Makers 也给了我很多去表演的机会,让我在舞台上和听从有互动,分享对音乐的热诚。

  • Review


    It has been a pleasant experience joining Grace’s class. I like singing and did enjoy sharing own feelings with the listeners via all types of songs, so I did appreciate Grace’s professional and fun teaching, improving my abilities to share more. I also enjoyed singing with all other classmates. They are very nice people and it is great to meet these new friends. Thanks Grace!

  • Review




  • Review


    In terms of on stage performance guidance, I will rate Grace as excellent as she always guide us to emphasize on specific keywords;
    thus bringing up the overall sentiments and feeling of the song. Class is always fun with her around and music makers provides us students with a relax and condusive environment for learning.

  • Review

    Madam Chin

    After purchasing a keyboard some 4 months ago, my husband and I decided to look for a school to take keyboard/piano lessons so that we can play some music with the keyboard to entertain ourselves. I searched the internet and found Music Makers Studio. I was particularly impressed by the Music Makers Studio Facebook page saying it was open to young and old to learn music ranging from singing, keyboard ,piano, ukulele to guitar lessons. Since then , we have been coached by Teacher Xiao bing who shows tremendous patience and help. It has been a great experience for us and we always look forward to attending her class.

    Mdm Chiniice:Mdm Chin and her husband Mr Lee 70 years old, are attending my keyboard class. We had fun during the class. I love to answer their questions. That shows that they are very keen to learn.

  • Review

    Peter Tan

    Six months ago, both my son and I enrolled ourselves for keyboard lesson at “Music Makers Studio”.Our keyboard teacher, Ms Xiao Bing is a wonderful, dedicated, knowledgeable and talented instructor. She had displayed a great patience and passion in her teaching. Her instinct techniques keeps us focused while enjoying every lesson with her. She specializes lessons to fit the students’ need that will never keep us bored. Every week we are looking forward to learn more from her. She is a real gem.

  • Review


    I have been with Grace for about 3 years. I’ve been improving tremendously since then. My passion grew while learning and understanding my own vocals as well as the different techniques un handling various songs. Grace has been supporting our dreams as well by sending us to Beer xchange for performances in order for us to gain stage experiences. Grace is fun and loving during classes, however will be strict when needed.

  • Review

    Valen Tan

    Grace 是一位非常专业的导师。 为人耿直而且多才多艺。 跟她学华语流行歌曲大概有十个月了,朋友都称赞我唱功进步不少。自学都有个极限,而专业的指导不仅能挑出你的毛病,还可以通过学习到技巧突破自己。整体上,学习过程轻松愉快,而且她都会用简易的方式让我这种没有音乐背景的人了解如何拿捏音准等等。感谢老师给与的鼓励和耐心的教导。

  • Review

    Htayy Win

    Music Maker is strategically located in the city area. My trainer iice, is very patient, friendly and knows my pace very well. She knows what and how to teach so that my progress is fast and sustained. I have fun learning with iice and I fully recommend iice to be the trainer of at least a complete beginner like me. Student Htayy Win

    iice: Win is my keyboard student for 2 months already. During each lesson, I also taught him how to compose songs as this is also one of the reasons he takes up this keyboard course. I am proud of him, after 6th lesson, he is able to compose a tune .

  • Review


    I have strong interest in singing and always wanted to get some professional advice to improve my singing. Under coaching by Grace for 5 years, my singing has improved tremendously. Now I am able to perform singing in public! Grace is very patient and is able to provide professional advice and correct my mistakes. I strongly recommend those who would like to improve their singing to sign up vocal lessons with Music Makers Studio!

  • Review

    Rui Hong

    Ah Tian laoshi is a very engaging and effective guitar teacher. Despite already having some bad habits from self learning of guitar, I was able to correct them within a few lessons. His effective teaching method allows me to have enough foundation to pick up most songs that I want to learn. Definitely a teacher I would recommend and had already recommended to people who wants to learn guitar.

  • Teacher


    Our Vocal and Keyboard Instructor Miss Grace graduated from Beijing University majored in Music Teaching. .Miss Grace has 6 years experiences in teaching pop singing plus music keyboard .She also has 20years of vocal as well as music instruments performing experiences in overseas and local.

  • Teacher

    Ah Thian

    14年台湾民歌餐厅弹唱经验+16年的教学历练 = 30年的吉他人生。每个人的情绪都在找出口,有人靠工作麻醉自己,有人靠玩乐善待自己,啊添老师靠吉他来温暖人心。在音乐这条不归路上,每个人都有自己的旋律。只要半年的时间,啊添老师会让你心中的旋律有把吉他作伴。让吉他成为你的灵魂伴侣。

  • Teacher


    iice is graduated from Victor Doggett Studio. Besides ABRSM examinations, she also had Practical Musicianships and Yamaha Electone Grade 6.

    She had more than 30 years in teaching ABRSM classical piano. She is patient coaching children from age 3 1/2 years old children in Junior Music Course or adults who thought they are too slow to learn. With much experiences, she uses easy methods on Digital Piano teaching.

    iice is also a talented songwriter. She composed a number of compositions to Taiwan. Her compositions are 依靠天父有希望, Stand by Me , 我主我王全地主宰。。。

    iice also played accompaniment for 冯宝宝,尤雅,林益民 。。。

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